Gnuplot and informations can be found here.

A small editor to start with Gnuplot


DiagrammA Gnuplot-EditorDiagramm


With this short formula you can generate a output, which you can use with gnuplot. Gnuplot is a program, that you can get from the internet for free.


You choose your desired options and then you pressOutput. In the text flied at the bottom of the document now you see a text, who the orders for gnuplot contain. You copy the text. The copied text now inserted in a editor. This will be saved as a normal textfile e. g. my_plot.dem.
This file you can open with gnuplot either with help of a menu or with the order load 'my_plot.dem'. Eventually you must change the directory, if gnuplot and my_plot.dem are not in the same directory. To do this use cd 'directory'.

Choose the output format:
Logarithmic scale -x-axis; -y-axis
label of the x-axis (no extras characters):
label of the y-axis (no extras characters):
title of the plot (no extras characters):
Showing the name of the function:
title of the function (no input default):
filename for the output (not necessary for screen output):
Which function should be plot:
Which range should be plot (a input is not necessary)
start value x-axis;end value x-axis
start value y-axis;end value y-axis

The next inputs are necessary, if you want plot data from a external file with gnuplot.

Do you want plot data from a external file?
The name of the external file:
Name of the points:
errorbar x-axis;errorbar y-axis